No bath is complete without one of these delicious bath bombs

It's officially fall, and you know what that means: If you haven't already, it's time to start tucking away those denim cut-offs and flip flops and begin dusting off your riding boots and snug sweaters. Though it can be hard to say goodbye to summer, there are so many parts of autumn to look forward to: hot apple cider, colorful trees, Halloween costumes. Fall also means finally getting to swap out those quick, warm showers for long, steamy baths. After all, there's nothing more relaxing after an exhausting day than winding down in the tub. 

Want to make your bath even more luxurious and peaceful? Try using a bath bomb. These little bath additions are absolutely adorable. They come in a vareity of colors, shapes and sizes, and add color, perfumes and oils to your bath. Some of them even have flower petals or glitter embedded in them! When you drop bath bombs into your tub, they'll fizzle and swirl. Sometimes, they'll even form amazing patterns. Experts agree that taking a bath has many health benefits including hormone regulation, reduction of tension and boosts in concentration abilities. Many also assert that baths can help promote sleep and clear skin. Not only that, bath bombs boast aromatherapeutic and moisturizing qualities, adding to the already long list of bath benefits!  

While there are plenty of fun options to choose from, here are our five faves.

1. Avobath from LUSH. Who says avocados are only good on toast? This cute green bath bomb is made with lemongrass which will help energize you and avo which will keep your skin nice and soft.  

2. Lavender Lullaby from Me! Bath. These purple bath bombs are great for unwinding. Drop one of these bath bombs into your tub, sit back and take in the relaxing lavender scents.   

3. Pumpkin from LUSH. Think outside the latte. This pumpkin-shaped bath bomb is perfect for fall! With hints of vanilla, cinnamon and pimento berry, this bath bomb will make any fall day fab.  

4. Luxe Relaxing Bomb from ULTA. Created with hints of coconut oil and minerals, this simple bath bomb will help moisturize and soften your skin.  

5. Tisty Totsy from LUSH. When you add this beautiful bath bomb to your tub, you'll quickly find yourself  surrounded by delicate pink rosebuds. Other ingredients like geranium oil and jasmine help to make this bath bomb extra special. 

Do you have a favorite bath bomb? Comment below and let us know! 

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by Lauren Padilla | 9/24/2016