Easy ways to relax this weekend that are totally free


Between last minute cramming for your chem test and applying for a summer job, things can get pretty stressful pretty fast. We *all* need a mental health day every so often...or at least just a quick break to rest and recharge. And relaxing definitely shouldn't be hard (uh, that kind of defeats the purpose, right?) so we've listed some of our favorite easy-as-1-2-3 ways to destress.

Sleep. Taking a nap is obviously our number one. Just keep it to 30 minutes or less so that when you wake up, you're motivated and ready to get things done, instead of feeling drowsy.

Meditate. A little bit of peaceful "om" time helps to relax your mind so you can think clearly and get rid of those nagging negative thoughts.

Color a picture. Grown-up coloring books are super trendy right now, for good reason. It's been found that the repetitive motion of coloring between the lines calms you down.

Write. Daily journaling is a great outlet for stress relief, especially if you're the kind of girl who tends to keep it all inside. You can let everything out, without holding back.

Pick up a book. Reading, particularly if you snag a genre like fantasy or sci-fi, allows you to escape from real life for a bit and gets your mind off of whatever is bothering you. But remember that avoiding problems isn't a long-term solution so after you finish a chapter, tackle your troubles!

Listen to nature sounds. Simply close your eyes, put in your headphones and be transported by the sounds of birds chirping in the rainforest or waves gently crashing on the beach.

Lather up. Throw your fave bath bomb in the tub and soak in a luxurious bubble bath. There's a reason spas are *so* relaxing.

Go for a walk. Sometimes just getting outside and being in nature helps clear your mind.

Stretch. You don't have to go to the yoga studio—just roll your mat out at home and do some easy poses. We recommend child's pose, downward dog and mountain pose.

Talk to someone. You know how your mom or your BFF are the best at just listening? Call them up and get all that stress off your chest. Plus, they might be able to offer some awesome advice you hadn't thought of yet.

Breathe. It's surprising how much just focusing on your breath can calm you down. In and out, in and out...

What's your favorite way to relax? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Britnee Wright | 1/27/2018
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