Are Snapchat filters changing the way you see yourself?


Social media has totally taken over our lives as a whole and it’s probably because being addicted to our phones is, well, actually really fun. Being able to make short, colorful video clips for Instagram and decorating your face with all kinds of Snapchat filters makes even the most boring car ride fly by.

Every morning after you wake up, you probably spend the first few minutes checking your accounts. The Monday drag has already set in (ugh, school) and you’ve barely opened your eyes so, you pick the cutest morning filter, take a Snap of your sleepy face and post to your story.

The question is why? You aren't fooling your bestiesthey already know what you look like in the early mornings thanks to all those Friday night sleepovers. But what you’re thinking is there might be some new friends from school and maybe a cute boy that you like checking out your posts. Adding a filter to your face and your voice makes you feel like you actually woke up as a Disney princess.

While it’s so much fun to become someone else for a short time, it's important to make sure you’re not getting too obsessed with the idea. And that you still love the *real* you the most.

Of the time you’re spending on social media, are you spending enough of it embracing yourself without covering up your natural beauty? Maybe you love the way filters can brighten up your eyes. Or it might be that plump, purple lips look fun on you because you don’t normally see yourself that way. 

And while Snapchat being able to change your voice into something soft and cute is crazy cool, it doesn’t mean you should ever actually want to sound like that. Your natural voice is empowering and it’s going to take you places. 

Whatever it is, remember that underneath those filters you still have a *perfect* face without stars and goofy glasses. Who wants to walk around a bunny rabbit all the time, anyway? Okay, well maybe we do but that's beside the point. Snapchat is super fun and we love it as much as the next girl...but we also love ourselves. And you should, too.

Do you ever feel like you have to use a filter to be pretty? Sound off in the comments! 


by Gabby Regalbuto | 3/15/2017