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Though we all lead busy lives, staying on top of your mental, physical and emotional health should always be a top priority no matter how much homework is due next week. While taking a tech detox can be a great way to get back in tune with your body, your phone can *also* be a great tool to keep you on track with your fitness and maintain your sanity. These top health and fitness apps are game changers that can help get you the beach body or peace of mind you totally deserve. 

Sweat: Kayla Itsines
Chances are you've scrolled past this fitness guru and social media phenom once or twice before in the last few months. With the download of Sweat, Kayla will become your free personal trainer offering daily excersises to help you meet your own #bodygoals. The app also features healthy recipes to match with your workouts to keep your bod healthy and strong. 

The app Headspace might as well be your pocket therapist. On it you'll find a wide variety of meditations for your every emotion and circumstance. If you're feeling overwhelmed and neither Mom nor your BFF is answering their phone, hit the SOS button and you will be guided through meditative exercises that will calm you down and relieve anxiety in minutes.

Nike+ Run Club 
For the beginner jogger to the cross country athlete, Nike+ Run Club is the app to help track your runs and do so much more. Nike+ Run Club also matches your run to a playlist and allows you to share your progress with your network via social media. 

Good Morning Alarm Clock
This revolutionary app not only tracks your sleep cycle, but has a specialized method using your sleep patterns to wake you up at your lightest sleep. Good Morning Alarm Clock also analyzes your sleep patterns to determine what stressors may have caused you to have a better or worse night's sleep.

For the girl who loves to venture out and try new workouts, MINDBODY is your personal concierge to help you book different fitness classes in your area. Always wanted to try a kickboxing class or have been really wanting to go to yoga class with Mom? This app will make booking your spot possible with the simple click of a button.

 What apps can you not live without? Comment below!

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by Karlyn Sykes | 5/20/2017