Why you don't need to (and shouldn't!) compare yourself

We have a tendency to always compare ourselves to the next person. Sometimes we question if we’re worthy enough for affection or attention. But if we change our outlook on how we see others and focus on how unique we are as individuals, things will be better. Here are a few reminders on why you should be the number one person in your life...and not someone else.

Money isn’t everything.
Being appreciative of the things we have in life is looking at our lives with the perspective of the “glass half full”. Just because you don’t have the latest phone or laptop doesn’t mean that any of your things are worthless or that you’re extremely behind the times. Ignore the pressures around you that make you feel inadequate in any aspect of your life.

Never be jealous of something you don’t have.
Jealousy is an evil green monster that you should definitely stay away from. You could like a person because of their attributes or material things, but don’t try and become them. Use them as an inspiration just to be a better human being overall.

Your happiness should always come first.
If you have negative people around you that aren’t helping you to be a better person, then it’s time to leave them alone because their Debbie Downer attitude will just drag you down. It’ll be hard to let them go if they’re really close to you, but it’s better to be your own person rather than letting people hijack your emotions and thoughts. You being happy should be one of your top priorities.

Has someone tried to push you away from your happiness? Let us know in the comments!

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by Nicole Eggleston | 6/14/2017