Why you should stop weighing yourself

When it comes to dieting, exercise and health, our main motivator usually comes down to one thing: the scale. But weighing yourself, especially more than once a week, is actually not as healthy or as good of an indicator of health as you may think. Here are our top reasons for saying goodbye to the scale.

It doesn’t measure strength or muscle.
Bodybuilders, people who exercise and eat healthy and even professional athletes are still considered overweight based on the scale—but that doesn’t mean they are unhealthy at all. It means they have more muscle. The same could be happening for you too, so be careful the next time you are disappointed because of a slight weight gain.

Obsessing over your weight can negatively impact your mental health.
If your day depends on whether or not you hit a certain number on the scale, then that plastic or glass thing on the floor may be doing some serious damage to your self-esteem. Stop using the scale when its number dictates if you are going to have a good day or be in a good mood.

There’s a difference between weight loss and fat loss. 
If you weigh yourself before a sweaty workout and then weigh yourself afterwards, you may be happy to see your weight go down slightly...but don't be fooled. In this case, you may be losing *weight* but not *fat.* Basically, this "weight loss" is due to you sweating, and it may be discouraging for you if you step on the scale again in two hours and see that you've gained back the weight.

Instead of weighing yourself, look into these options when it comes to measuring your health.

Take progress pictures.
Take pictures each week before your workout and use those photos to track your progress rather than the scale. 

Focus on how you feel, not what number you see. How sore is your body this week? Do you have more energy this week than last? How have you been sleeping? By journaling for a few minutes every night or every morning, you are taking control of your feelings by identifying them honestly, and more importantly, you are not letting the scale decide them. 

Do you weigh yourself often? Why or why not? Share below. 

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by Frannie Rooney | 10/17/2019