How even the busiest babe can live in the moment

Do you ever feel like time is flying by? It feels like just yesterday you were shopping for that perfect summer suit. Now you need a light jacket to rock with jeans. Maybe you waited your whole life for senior year and all of a sudden it’s here. Time totally flies when you’re having fun. You could just stop having a blast altogether (*no* way!) but there’s probably a better solution.

If you’re worried about how quickly time is moving along, follow these tips to slowing down.

Stop focusing on the future *all* the time.
It’s so much easier to rush fun than it is to slow it down. You can be excited about Halloween approaching (who isn’t?) but think of all the great things that come before it. Don’t forget to enjoy Friday night football games, homecoming and even a little bit of down time while it’s all happening.

Look around you.
Getting the latest celeb gossip on social media is great...for a limited time. Spending too much time staring at your phone is a big way to waste the day. Instead of capturing every moment on Snapchat, put your phone away and look up. By noticing everything you’re experiencing, you'll feel way more fulfilled.

Keep your eyes off the clock.
No matter where you are or what you’re doing, it’s time to stop checking the time. Okay, unless you’re late to dinner with Grandma (never keep her waiting!). Whether you’re in school or at home relaxing, peeping at the clock is simply obsessing about it. Instead of watching the minutes go by, wait for signals of time like the bell ringing for class to end or your *fave* TV show credits to roll. By looking at the clock you’re subconsciously watching the time go by.

Keep a journal or photo album.
When fun times end, it can be tough and while the mind is an amazing organ, it can’t keep track of every memory you’ve ever made. Putting together pictures and little details might not change the fact that it's over but it can help you remember what you’ve spent your summers to winters doing. And scrapbooking is a blast so get to pasting pics ASAP. It also lets you relive your fave moments.

How do you stop letting life pass you by? Tell us below!

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by Gabby Regalbuto | 9/13/2017
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