Why it's okay to cry

As a teen girl, your emotions can be all over the place and some days, the smallest things can make you cry a river. Some people think it’s a sign of weakness, but crying is actually super good for your emotional health and a sign of strength. Having the ability to acknowledge that something is bothering you is something a lot of people struggle with. If you don’t know what’s bothering you, let yourself cry. This is also your body’s way of telling you something is up.

Crying is also a great stress reliever. Tears have the power to let go of the negative emotion that’s been building up inside you. In a more scientific way of explaining it, tears remove the toxic chemicals in our bodies that are responsible for our stress.

Plus, shedding a tear is a sign that you care so don’t let anyone tell you different. Crying comes from a place of deep emotion and remember that it isn't always a bad thing (we cry when we're happy, too!). Life is about living through the ups and downs so it’s good to not feel, well, good all the time because pain helps us grow as individuals. In fact, studies have shown that people who are happy *all* the time are actually more unhappy in the long run because they aren't experiencing their emotions in a healthy, normal way.

So the next time you feel the water works coming, let them out! Don’t bottle up your feelings because crying is definitely OK in our book.

How do you feel after you have a good cry? Tell us in the comments below!

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by Bella Torres | 10/3/2017