Should your school have a nap room?

After the coffee buzz wears off and you’re left with the dreaded coffee crash, all you can focus on is curling up under your comfy covers. This lack of focus leads you to miss all the vital information your teachers are trying to pound in your head. Well thanks to millennials, nap rooms are popping up in the workplace and we think schools should get them next.

Not many teens can say that they get a full eight to ten hours of sleep per night, which is the recommended amount of sleep you should be getting. The consequences of not getting your beauty rest are not pretty. You’re more prone to get acne, suffer from some really unfortunate sleeping disorders and it can heighten your already exploding stress levels.

The millennial generation has expressed lots of concern on how their work environments are affecting their health, so much so that their offices have listened. It is becoming more and more common to walk into an office and see workout spaces, ping-pong tournaments and nap rooms. This environment is trying to support a more healthy and creative workspace.

With this being said, it only makes sense that students who actually need sleep get these same opportunities. Lots of states across the country have made it a point to try and eliminate the sleep depravation epidemic by making schools have a later start time. To no surprise, they’ve had success with their students.

A nap should really only last 20-30 minutes at most to allow your body to recharge. If this is the case, giving teens the opportunity to recharge in the middle of the day only makes sense and it takes up minimal time.

What do you think about nap rooms? Should high schools get them? Tell us in the comments below!

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by Bella Torres | 11/11/2017
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