How to turn your bad day into a *good* one

We all have those days where we are just in a funk. Maybe you woke up late, missed the bus, forgot to do your homework or maybe it was all of the above. Don't worry! You can still make any day a great one. Here are some ways to turn your day around.

1. Hug your bestie
Some days all it takes is a hug from your best friend to get rid of all your negative energy. Have your BFF or group of gal pals give you a nice hug to show you that you are loved. 

2. Laugh it away
Look at your favorite memes and funny animal videos—they are guaranteed to make you laugh. 

3. Exercise
One of the best ways to get your serotonin and endorphin levels up is to exercise. After exercising it will make you feel more at ease and clear your mind.

4. Watch your favorite movie or show
Another great way to get rid of that bad mood is by watching your favorite show or movie, you can veg out and clear your mind while focusing on something that you enjoy.

5. Retail therapy
Buying something that you really want can make you relaxed and feel confident once you wear or use it.

6. Listen to your favorite songs and dance it out
To get your blood pumping and your body moving listen to your favorite playlist to dance your bad vibes away. 

7. Write down everything that you love in your life
If you can focus your energy into things that you love about your life, like your friendships, pets and even how much you love your favorite food, you'll start to melt away the bad day.

8. Read a book
This an activity that you can do to clear your mind and calm your nerves down. 

9. Talk to your mom or dad
Maybe you just need a quick word of encouragement from your day ones. 

10. Go outside
Sometimes you just need to breathe fresh air to collect your thoughts. 

11. Do a good deed
A great way to make your day better is to do the same for someone else. Random acts of kindness, anyone?

12. Take a nap
Every once a while you just need to take a nap to recharge yourself so you can wake up in a better mood.

13. Cry it out
If you have to cry just cry. Keeping your emotions bottled up will make you feel worse and letting yourself release how you're feeling can make you feel *way* better. Once you have a good cry sesh, start to smile and look to the brighter sides of things.

Just remember it takes less muscles to smile than to frown.


by Ashlin Bird | 4/24/2018
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