This creative party is actually really good for you

You've probably heard your parents or your older sis talk about Paint and Sip. If you haven't, it's literally exactly what it sounds like painting and sipping cocktails.

But here's the thing: you can't exactly participate in the parties if you're not 21—even though painting is a great way to relieve stress. That's why we've cooked up the perf PG-13 Paint and Sip party for you and your pals.

Painting, like drawing, is a type of therapy that is good for your body. There are many health benefits, according to, a health and stress relief tip website.

It can specifically help with your brain, emotions and senses. Painting may improve your creativity by balancing both sides of your brain—enhancing the artistic people and stimulating the analytical people. Not only that, it can sharpen your memory, strengthen your communication along with widening your problem-solving skills.

You can also lessen the negative emotions (positive vibes only!) by painting. Sometimes, expressing emotions may be difficult, but this can help release those hidden ones. And through your own emotional and personality stability, painting may also help with relating to others. You may be more aware and engaged, which helps you understand better.

Holding a paintbrush may even affect your mobility. Signals may be sent from your brain to the motor neurons that would deliver the specific action that must be performed for your fine motor skills, the website stated.

Okay, now you got your dose of health tips. Time for some sweet sips? Check out these alcohol-free recipes. Delish drinks, here you come!

Virgin Piña Colada
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? This recipe is perfect for an island vibe this summer. Get the recipe here.

Unicorn Cotton Candy Mocktail
Look at those pastel colors. Maybe you'll paint a matching canvas with your drank? Get the recipe here.

Strawberry Mint Spritzer
Oh, you fancy huh? Anything garnished with mint just seems so refreshing. And it's strawberry. Yum! Get the recipe here

Whether you're doing this alone or with someone, it's easy. So, get your canvases, paints and paintbrushes ready and let's go, Picasso!

What do you like to paint? Which drink would you try? Let us know in the comments!


by Kelly Zheng | 7/31/2018