Just breathe: 4 breathing exercises to help manage stress

Sure, doing schoolwork in your PJs sounded like fun a week ago, but if all this change has you feeling more stressed than blessed, the key to calming down might just be something you've been doing since the day you were born: breathing. Here are four ways that gaining control of your breath can  reinvigorate your focus, reduce stress and boost your mood.

Alternate nose breathing

This technique is proven to lower blood pressure, making it the perfect antidote to stress. Take it at any pace, anywhere you go. 

Ujjayi Pranayama “Palm breathing”

By keeping your focus on your breath here, you'll clear your mind of other distractions. Try this when you just can't focus on math because your cell is calling your name. 

Kundalini “Breath of Fire”

This breath connects your diaphragm to your heart, treating your breath and body as one. Take it as lightly as you'd like. 

4-7-8 breathing

It’s all in the numbers here! Inhale 4 beats, stay 7 beats, exhale 8 beats. This method aims to reduce anxiety and can even help you fall asleep when you're tossing and turning.

Which breathing exercise did you like best? Let us know in the comments!



by Nancy Bowne | 3/20/2020