Banish bad vibes with this spring-tastic playlist

Music truly has the power to heal, and while your spring may not be going *exactly* as planned, that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy it. Here's a playlist that will put that extra pep in your step and keep your mood sunny as ever. 

"Watermelon Sugar" - Harry Styles 

This song can definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

"Rare" - Selena Gomez

Who else wants to move into this garden wonderland until further notice? 

"Don't Start Now" - Dua Lipa 

Turn this up when haters try to dull your shine.

"Changes" - Justin Bieber

Put this song on with your car windows rolled all the way down for a total vibes moment. 

"Underdog" - Alicia Keys

Alicia is telling us to take time to reflect and feel inspired by what's around us. We can't disobey Ms. Keys. 

"Sometimes" - H.E.R.

All the storms will pass, we promise. H.E.R. thinks so, too. 

"Be Honest" - Jorja Smith

For the sunny days that promise bluer skies ahead!

"Know Your Worth" - Kahlid  

Just in case you need to be reminded of just how awesome you are. 

"My Oh My" - Camila Cabello

Dance party alert! (And then a vintage movie binge-sesh because this video was totally cinematic.) 

"Say So" - Doja Cat 

The perfect tune to play when you're still lying in bed, thinking of how you'll kick butt today.

"About Love" - Marina 

Have you had this song on repeat since Valentine's Day too? 

Which song is your favorite right now? Let us know the last song you listened to on Spotify down in the comments.


by Cassandra R Lopez | 4/23/2020