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If you follow us on Insta (which you totally should!), you've probably seen some of the artsy affirmations and self-care graphics we share there. The creative doodles pack a dose of self-care and major art inspo into a single post. Want to add some of these incredible artists to your feed? Here are a few accounts to follow for your daily serving of good vibes *and* good art.


Image: Vanessa Chau/Instagram

Vanessa Chau's self-care account has racked up an impressive 85-thousand followers, and it's not hard to see why. Her doodles give advice on everything from dealing with breakups and periods to supporting other women. Chau also has an activity book chock-full of worksheets and other self-care activities. Check out more of her work and give her a follow @theself_carekit.


Image: Laura Jones/Instagram

Italy-based artist Laura Jones transforms affirmations and quotes from pop culture into eye-catching text-based designs like the one above. Her bright floral backgrounds are majorly enviable, and the quotes she chooses will lift you up on even the toughest of days. Check out her profile @laurajaneillustrations


Image: Dani DiPirro/Instagram

Besides creating fabulous original art, DC artist Dani DiPirro also gives a peek behind the scenes. Swipe some of her posts to see how she hand-lettered a fancy cursive word or colored in a splash of paint around a quote. The insight into her process makes the final product all the more admirable. View her profile and consider following @positivelypresent.


Image: Faith & Kerra Henke/Instagram

Founded by sisters Faith and Kerra Henke, Artsy Affirmations adds humor, snark, and self-love to your IG feed. The funny, relatable illustrations have gained the account more than a quarter of a million followers (!), and the sisters' work has been featured by the likes of Coca-Cola and Adobe. See what you've been missing @arstyaffirmations.


Image: Art By Katherine/Instagram

Though her account is newer than others, digital artist Katherine is already making a splash in the Instagram art world. Her color palettes are super-soothing, and her sweet notes to self are perfect for your lock screen. Explore her work and support her before she makes it big @meridrop.


Image: Simply Sophie Designs/Instagram

Creator Sophie started illustrating in her college dorm and quickly turned her art into a business selling prints. Her contemporary illustrations have a cool-girl feel, with a focus on empowering women. Scroll through her peppy designs and maybe even give her a follow @simplysophiedesigns.


Image: Samantha Hytry/Instagram

The final digital artist we're highlighting is Samantha Hytry, creator of neat illustrations reminiscent of paper dolls. Her style includes sticker-esque word art and quotes incorporated over stylish sketches. Alongside affirmations are style guides and meme quotes. Check out her work @thesammmyjo.

Any more *amaze* artists you think we should know? Give them a shoutout and tag @girlslifemag on Twitter or Instagram!

Slider Image: Samantha Hytry/Instagram


by Bailey Bujnosek | 8/21/2020