Why you should add coffee grounds to your shower ASAP

You may have seen coffee grounds trending in skincare recently, or you may have never heard of this, but we're here to tell you why adding coffee grounds to your shower routine is a *must.*

Using coffee grounds as an exfoliant for your body is a *great* way to scrub away dirt and grime and leave your skin feeling fresh. You can even make the exfoliant at home! Simply gather household ingredients like coffee grounds, sugar and coconut oil. Check out the full recipe with measurements here. 

You may be used to getting your daily dose of caffeine by drinking your java, but there are many benefits to using coffee on your skin. Healthline outlines some major areas in which coffee can aid in wellness. Due to all of the antioxidants, the coffee produces a calming sensation that also comes with knowing you are taking good care of your skin. Another perk to coffee is that the scrub helps eliminate *deep* bacteria while also providing anti-inflammatory properties that fight body acne. Since this is a powerful scrub, we recommend not using it on any sensitive areas like your face.


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Coffee is a wonderful product with many different uses. Using coffee on your skin has become a popular remedy, but remember that everyone is different, and this scrub might not work perfectly for you. Try it out and see how your skin feels, but remember that listening to your body is important when it comes to skincare. 

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by Lily Baker | 2/11/2021