Everything you need to know about blue light—and how you can protect yourself against its harmful effects

Ever notice that your eyes hurt after a long Netflix binge sesh or a day of online classes? If so, blue light, a harmful artificial light that is emitted from electornic devices, *might* be the culprit. Interested in learning more? Board certified dermatologist Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky gave us all the deets about the science behind blue light and how we can best protect ourself from its damaging effects.

The Science Behind Blue Light: "Blue light is a type of visible light that we encounter every day. It's light that comes from the sun but also from our electronic devices. Artificial blue light can be found in our computers, laptops, cell phones, and iPads. Blue light causes damage and stress to our skin cells. Continuous exposure to blue light can lead to early signs of aging, wrinkles, dark spots, and discoloration."

Products That Defend Against Blue Light: "It's important to incorporate products into our skincare routine that specifically defend against blue light. For blue light UV rays, I recommend sunscreen (look for one with iron oxides as the ingredient). I also recommend incorporating other skincare products like the new florence by mills Blue Light collection to help protect my skin from blue light coming from my electronic devices. I love how there are several protective options! This new skincare line utilizes plankton extract, a vegan algae, to help defend against the visible damaging effects of artificial blue light coming from our electronic devices. My favorite thing about the collection is that it not only protects against artificial blue light but each product also has its own ingredients that benefit our skin, leading to a more hydrated and healthier skin barrier. My favorite products from the collection are the spotlight toner series, episode 4 soak it in, zero chill makeup setting spray, and up in the clouds facial moisturizer."

Additional Preventative Measures You Can Take: "I recommend limiting screen time when possible and downloading a blue light filter app. And try your best not to use your devices before bedtime."

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Up In The Clouds Facial Moisturizer:

The Up In The Clouds Facial Moisturizer is a lightweight gel-cream moisturizer that provides a burst of hydration and helps defend against blue light. This moisturizer provides 24-hour hydration,  goes on easily, absorbs quickly and dries to a silky-smooth finish. Buy it here.

Spotlight Toner Series, Episode 4: Soak It In:

This toner is a hydrating essence that reduces sebum, visibly enhances skin’s radiance and helps defend against the visible damaging effects of artificial blue light. It can be worn alone or used to prep skin for the rest of your skin care routine (for maximum benefits!). Buy it here.

Zero Chill Makeup Setting Spray:

This must-need product is a hydrating finishing spray that helps set makeup and defend against skin damage caused by artificial blue light. This spray's ingredients include thyme leaf extract, which balances, soothes and hydrates skin. Buy it here.

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Images: Pexels, Ulta


by Claire Hutto | 9/19/2021