Fitness fashionista

Who says you can’t look fabulous while working out?
If your New Year’s resolution involves burning those holiday calories, check out these pretty (and practical!) additions to your wardrobe. Who knows? The cutie at the gym may ask you out! Sweating is completely optional.
Get your “Om” on in these yoga capri pants. Whether you’re in the studio or watching your fave yoga DVD at home, the tree pose never looked so good.

Channel your inner peace while you’re toning your arms. This bright blue color will keep you pumped throughout your workout. You’ll never want to take it off!
Embellished Tee, $13,
With stretchy fabric and a comfy fit, these shorts were made for running. So grab your iPod, strap on your shoes and go! What are you waiting for?
Chaturanga Yoga Short, $34,
This sports bra has the best of both worlds—pretty and practical. Plus it’s two in one! The DRI-FIT fabric will absorb the sweat, keeping you dry all through your cardio kickboxing class.

The fun motto will keep you motivated during that last mile and the breathable mesh will keep you cooler than ice. C’mon, girl, you can do it! 


by L’Oreal Thompson | 2/1/2016