New Balance Fierce Trax

I'll admit it—whenever I go running or biking, I usually end up throwing on a pair of Converse. And while my Chucks look classic and cute, I realized I need a shoe that is better designed for my workout.

That's where my New Balance Fierce Trax come in—these sneaks are cute and still comfy enough for running in, walking in and even doing chores in. And who doesn't love the cheetah print up the sides?
New Balance Fierce Trax are perfect for that girl who may not be a track star, but loves to run anyways. After jogging around my block, I didn't feel the usual sore foot I get when I have on my usual sneaks. My ankles felt better supported and when I took my shoe off, my foot didn't feel like it was about to die! It took a little bit to get the shoes built-in and get adjusted to the feel, but once I did my workout felt better.

Sorry to all you bicyclists or soccer players out there, this shoe is made for runners. The down side? It’s only made up to a women’s size 7, so if your feet are’ll need to find a diff shoe. But if you are a girl who loves running around the town or talking walks around your neighborhood, this sneaker is a pretty pick.

By: Julia Fine


by GL | 2/1/2016
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