HEALTHY YOU Q's: Bundle Up!


Q. I love to run, but it’s sooo cold outside! What’s the best way to stay warm when it’s freezing?

A. We chatted up Sandy Barber, personal trainer and ski instructor at Mount Snow in West Dover, VT. She told us when the thermometer dips below 55 degrees, a girl’s gotta pile on more than just a t-shirt and sweats. When the weather is truly cold (say, less than 35 degrees), Sandy recommends, 3 layers of shirts and 2 pairs of pants. “The top layer should consist of long underwear that wicks away wetness. Then a turtleneck or a fleece and, of course, a jacket that will hold out the wind. The key is to stay away from cotton.” To avoid wearing a bulky coat, pile on cold-weather gear from Under Armour. Keep ears covered with a hat or fleece headband, and gloves to keep those mitts warm!

Q. Gonna hit the slopes?

A. Sandy tells us that a helmet will actually keep you warmer (and safer) than a regular hat. “Another thing to remember when outside in the cold weather it's a great idea to take out your earrings,” she says. Cover your neck and face, and keep your eyes protected with goggles. If your hands start feeling cold, go inside and get a warm drink. Yum, hot cocoa!

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1/29/2008 12:00:54 PM
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