WE TRIED IT: Summer Sports League

Want to find a great way to have fun and stay fit over the summer? Pick your favorite sport and see if there’s a league that will be going on over the summer. Check out bulletin boards in the library or around town for fliers. I chose lacrosse, my fav sport of all time. Or, try a sport that you've never ever played before to see if you'd want to play for your school team! These leagues are way less intense than school sports, so it's a great way to see if you're interested.

I found a lacrosse league nearby that was held one evening every week. Look for a league that plays later in the day, it’ll be cooler outside and make games way more fun.

Nervous to try something new? Sign up with a couple friends. Then you’ll have someone to join ya for snowcones after the game!

For me, lacrosse was a great way to stay in shape and make sure I was exercising over the summer. Those months can be filled with time on the couch…and lots of sleeping. But if you sign up for a summer sports league, you’ll have fun AND burn a few extra calories. Maybe you’ll even get a free t-shirt out of it like I did!

by Rachel Lupien | 2/1/2016
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