6 Motivational workout GIFs that'll get ya off your butt, stat


Okay, couch potato, it’s time to shed your lazy girl ways and get pumped for your next sweat sesh. Here are 6 inspirational exercise GIFs… because your horizontal running just doesn’t cut it anymore. 


  • 1_monstersinc.gif

    Push ups

    Don’t be afraid to give it your all. Put in 100% every rep! You may not be a big scary blue monster, but girlfriend, you are FIERCE! #Werk

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  • 2_harry.gif


    Challenge the stereotype and go for it, girl! Lifting weights is cool, and you can pick the perfect dumbbell size for you. Next time someone says “do you even lift, bro,” you can say, "yes".

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  • 3_dance.gif


    You don’t have to be a cheerleader to bust a move. Jump up off your feet, and start dancing for a fun (and full-bod workout).

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  • 4_marshallarts.gif

    Martial arts

    This is proof that guys aren’t the only ones who go hard! Step out of your comfort zone with new fitness activities. Getcha “hiyah!” on with a kickin’ karate or jujitsu class.

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  • 5_bikeriding.gif


    It doesn’t get more epic than Ellen Degeneres and Ryan Gosling working out in snuggies. Fitness bikes are loads of fun and work wonders for your buns ‘n’ thighs.

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  • 6_boxing.gif

    Boxing cardio

    If this flawless Victoria’s Secret angel doesn’t motivate you, then nothing will. Boxing will work your arms and get your heart pumping. Hop in the ring and give ‘em your best one-two!

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  • 7_leglift.gif

    Leg lifts

    Ya know what they say— you gotta work out all parts of your body (not just abs, even if your only goal is a flat tummy). This pooch definitely does not skip leg day, and you shouldn’t either!

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by Laurise McMillian | 2/1/2016
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