How to turn your neighborhood playground into the ultimate gym

Sick of your boring gym routine? Live near a park? Try using your local playground to spice things up (just, you know, watch out for little kids). With jungle gyms, monkey bars, sports courts, slides and more, playgrounds offer tons of equipment for fun, challenging workouts. Check it out.

Switch up your push-up

For an added challenge, try balancing yourself on the parallel bars. Firmly wrap your fingers around each bar and, holding your feet in place, gently push up and down. Bonus: This is *killer* for your abs. Just grab a spotter to stay safe.

Circuit workout

Using the lines on the basketball court, set up your own circuit training. Sprint back and forth between half court and the baseline, stopping to do a quick exercise at each line to do 10 reps of one of your fave boot camp workouts. Continue the circuit for 10-15 minutes.

Get creative

Park equipment provides the perfect obstacle course. Use pull-up bars to swing around and flip, jump over swings, climb a pole...the options are endless.

Image source: Harbinger Fitness 


Do you ever work out at the playground? What weird workouts do you love?  

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by Samantha Subin | 2/1/2016