The secret reason you should be working out with your pet

Truth be told, we would all rather be snuggling with our pet than hitting the gym. But who says you can’t do both at once?

Turns out, pets and exercise both release feel-good chemicals in our brains and are super stress busters. Studies show that people with pets have lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Animals are regularly brought into hospitals, retirement homes, and mental health facilities to provide mood-boosting therapies.  And your pet is basically the cutest, least judgmental workout buddy you’re ever going to find.

So how exactly do you incorporate a furry friend into your workout? You’ve got a lot of options. For pretties with kitties, take a leaf out of one Illinois yoga studio’s book and keep your cat in the room while you do yoga. Not only are the results super cute (check out the vid), but they make the experience more fun and relaxed for you and your cat. Doga (you guessed it, dog yoga) is also a thing, and you can watch some instructional vids on moves you can do with your pup HERE.  

Of course, pets can also encourage you to get out and get active. Go for a walk or run or play ball with your pooch. Train them to do some cool tricks or take an agility class together. Indoor pets or ones who can’t get active with ya (lizards, bunnies, and the like) can join the sweat sesh, too—just keep them in the room with you while you work out. Chat with them. Tell them what moves you’re doing and how fab your abs are gonna be when you’re done. You might feel like a crazy person, but that's what makes it fun. And you know they're not judging!

When you're done, reward both you and your pet with a post-workout cuddle sesh. We promise that a furry personal trainer will motivate you to get moving AND brighten your day more than any standard cardio routine.


Do you have a pet at home?  Ever worked out with them around?  What activities do you like to do with your animal friend?  Share in the comments below.

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by Katy Herman | 2/1/2016