Jump your way to a fit bod!


Running, squats,push-ups, planks...admit it, the same old workout can get a little boring after a while. Why not shake it up by bringing in an old childhood favorite? Yep, we're talking jumproping—and while it may have been easy-peasy back in the day, you'll be surpised at how hard it is now. The good part? It's still super fun—and an *awesome* form of cardio and muscle strengthening. Check out our fresh, fast-paced workout below...

  • Start jumping rope at a comfortable pace for one minute. 
  • Drop and do 5 push-ups (don’t be afraid to use your knees if you have to).
  • Speed up the pace with your jump rope for 30 seconds.
  • Squat 20 times.
  • Jump rope again while gradually increasing your pace for two minutes.
  • Plank for 30 seconds.

Repeat the six steps four times for a total of five times in all. Feel free to change up your jumping with two footed jumps, one footed jumps, or lateral jumps, which is when you jump with from side to side. Bonus points if you resurrect your old childhood chants! Cinderella, dressed in yella...

Let us know if you felt the burn! What's your fave weird workout?


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by Kelsie Ahern | 2/1/2016