How to workout like body-positive model Iskra Lawrence


If you haven’t heard of Iskra Lawrence yet, listen up. Iskra is a 25-year-old model from England who is an advocate for positive body image and does not allow any photos of her to be retouched or edited. Along with being an amazing model, she is also a fitness connoisseur and frequently posts workout videos on YouTube and on her Instagram for her followers to try. If you want to be fit and confident like Iskra, give one of her workouts a go next time you hit the gym. 

1. Curtsy Lunges

2. Kickbacks and Sidekicks

3. Goblet Squat

4. Jumping Jacks and Lunge Jumps

5. Abs

 Which of Iskra's exercises is your favorite?

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by Sarah Fritz | 7/2/2016
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