Why jumping rope is the *perfect* workout


Tired of running and ab workouts? Jumping rope isn't just fun, but it's equally as good cardio, too. You can do it anywhere at anytime and it's not as stressful on your body as running. Still not convinced something you loved as a kid could actually be a workout? Read these tips to find out why jumping rope is an excellent sweat sesh. 

1. It burns calories fast. Jumping rope at a modern rate can burn 10 to 16 calories per minute.

2. It builds agility. Jumping rope requires you to move your feet at a quick pace and also improves your balance and reaction speed. Perfect if you're an athlete at school, too. It's a great cross-training exercise.

3. It isn’t as hard on your joints as running. Running is very stressful on your legs because every time your foot hits the ground, your leg is being shocked by a ton of weight and force. When you jump rope, however, you are lighter on your legs and feet.

4. It will improve your coordination. The more you practice, the better you will get and it will affect all different areas of your life (you might stop tripping over your feet walking down the halls!). 

5. It’s cheap. You can buy a simple jump rope for only $3. Score.

Do you think you'll try jumping rope for your next workout? Plus, tell us what cool tricks you can do or have tried while jumping rope. 

Photo credit: We Heart It.

by Mary Kate Biser | 8/7/2017
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