10 gifs that describe the stages of your workout

Even knowing all the physical and mental benefits, at times working out feels like going on an odyssey. We can all relate to the ups and downs, from motivating to pause our binge-watching and head to the gym to pushing through the pain even when everything in us just wants to quit.

You're feeling sluggish and getting off of the couch sounds like a monumental effort.

Then, suddenly, the inspiration to work out strikes.

You're at the gym and starting to get into the zone. Your jam comes on, and it feels like it was meant to be.

You envision your crush admiring the your post-workout glow.

You can picture your fave female athletes cheering you on.

Then the struggle becomes real mid-workout.

Still, you're determined to make it through 'til the end.

It's hard to describe the wave of relief that hits when you're finally done.

Suddenly, it feels like you're walking on air; the endorphins have kicked in.

Soon, the high fades and exhaustion starts to set in. It's time for a nap.

How do you power through your workouts? Comment below!

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by Katherine Logan | 9/28/2017