Why too much working out is *not* a good thing

Being healthy isn’t easy: You have to remember to eat right, exercise and try to get enough sleep. But as long as you do everything in moderation, you will lead a pretty healthy life. That means that while working out is key, doing too much can be really bad for your health and here’s why.

Making an effort to hit the gym is great, but you may be doing it wrong. Often, we don’t take the time to get a trainer to teach us how to properly use equipment, what our bodies can handle and how much time we should be spending at the gym. If you haven’t taken this step, it could lead to serious injury if you’re continuing to overwork your body and don’t have the proper form.

Your muscles are going to need a break. When you work out, your body builds up lactic acid, which is the chemical that produces the pain you feel for days after a hard workout. If you aren’t giving yourself the proper break that you need, it can cause a nasty disease called lactic acidosis.

Overdoing it at the gym can also increase your stress. If you’re feeling constantly on edge, it may be amplified if you’re hitting the gym too hard after a long day, Which mean it’s probs doing more harm than good. In moderation, working out will leave you feeling less stressed, so remember to take it easy.

If you’re constantly going, then you’re probably not getting the rest you need and your body isn’t getting properly recharged. Say you’re having a long day and you fit try to fit in a late night workoutyou’re probably skipping out on time that could be used to go to sleep.

Exercise is not a one size fits all. If you’re concerned about the amount of time you spend in the gym, do your research on specific workouts or talk to a trainer. Talking to your phys-ed teacher is a great start if you have any questions about your workout regimen, too.

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by Bella Torres | 10/8/2017