6 workouts for the girl who *hates* sports

You want to stay active and fit. The problem? You really don't like sports. While some people really enjoy gym class, you'd prefer to sit on the bleachers. Maybe you feel like you're not very athletic, or maybe you just don't understand all the hype about soccer. Guess what? That's totally OK and it's definitely possible to work out and stay fit without playing sports.

1. Dance (like no one's watching).
Dancing is a great way to burn some calories, whether that means going to a zumba class, following a hip-hop dance routine on YouTube or making up your own fun dance with your friends. If you don't love sports or lack a little confidence when it comes to your athletic ability, you might hold back in dance classes. But you won't get the best workout if you worry too much about how you look or how good you are at dancing, so dance like no one's watching—really.

It might be a little difficult to work up the courage at first but once you start dancing and stop worrying about what others think of you, you'll forget that you're even exercising. And if you're really worried about what people will think, you can do this fun workout at home.

2. Bike or walk more often.
When it's convenient and safe, bike or walk instead of traveling by car or public transportation. You can also find a safe park to go to with friends. This is a great way to get exercise in if you don't like sports and you're also pretty busy.

3. Take a hike.
Hiking can be challenging—but it's a great workout and can be super empowering when you get to the top of a tough trail. Don't start with a super difficult hike, though. Grab a backpack and head to a easier trail with your friends. Bonus: You can enjoy quality time with your besties and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

4. Do yoga.
Yoga is great for people who don't love sports because it isn't competitive. Instead of trying to steal a basketball from the other team, you can just focus on yourself and your own workout. Try a beginner's yoga class or download an app with simple yoga routines (but don't try any complicated poses without an instructor). Doing yoga can help you relax and improve your flexibility while also getting a nice workout in.

5. Volunteer in your community.
At first, this probably doesn't seem like a workout to you, right? But there are many volunteer projects that require some heavy lifting like restoring homes in your community. If you feel like you're not very handy, even volunteering at a library or at a shelter where you're organizing donations can make you feel like you're building some serious muscle (boxes of books and clothes are pretty heavy!).

6. Jump rope.
Remember all of the fun games and activities you enjoyed when you were younger? Try some of them out again. Grabbing a jump rope to exercise is low-pressure and pretty fun. Blast your fave songs and you'll forget that you're even working out.  

What's your favorite low-pressure workout? Let us know in the comments. 

by Paige Sheffield | 10/17/2017
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