These GIFs perfectly describe you attempting to work out

 Let's face it, we all can't be fitness gurus. If you're a girl who understands the struggle, these GIFs *definitely* describe the day in the life of you at the gym. At least you showed up, right?

1. Hitting snooze on the alarm, because you *need* to be well rested before a workout right?

2. Taking forever to find a workout fit. The love of your life could be at the gym, you never know!

3. Acting like you know what you're doing on the equipment.

4. The face you make ar the super cute trainer who walks by.

5. You after running the treadmill for five minutes.

6. Feeling satisfied that you went to the gym at all. You could've stayed in bed! 

Do you relate to any of these? Share below! 


by Cydnii Jones | 12/3/2017