Love your arms! *All* the inspo + workouts you need to feel fierce

Believe it or not many girls’ biggest insecurities are their arms. Some people think their arms are too small, too big, too hairy, not strong enough or too strong. We believe that all arms are beautiful and amazing. You’re arms are perfect in the shape and size they are. Take a note from a few of our fave celebs.

Serena Williams has dealt with comments about her body for the bulk of her career. Many saying that she’s too strong (like that’s even possible!) but regardless she shows them off proudly.

The former first lady, Michelle Obama, has always been praised for her toned arms. She attributes them to a healthy diet and consistent exercise.

Selena Gomez has spoken openly about being positive with her body and her weight fluxing. She is inspiring and comfortable with showing off the parts of her body that she loves.

If you're interested in strengthening your arms, try these super simple exercises and tips:

Push ups
Try doing 5–15 a day depending on how strong you are. You should even make it a challenge. See if you can do a certain number every day for a month.

Tricep dips
Find a low table to do these tricep burning workouts. 5-15 a day should yield results in about a month.

Arm circles
These may seem silly when you’re doing them but they really help form your arm muscles. Try to pulse through for a whole minute.

Whether it’s through meat or beans, including protein in your diet will help keep your body in tip-top shape.

A constant sleep schedule helps you heal torn muscles after a fun workout.

What’s your favorite part about your arms? Tell us in the comments!


by India Afriyie | 3/24/2018