3 simple workouts to get you moving today

With many schools canceled and social distancing in full effect, it's *really* easy to breeze through every episode of your latest fave Netflix show without getting up once. Sitting too much, though, can leave you feeling even more blah, so if you're struggling to find an easy way to get motivated this week, here are three dip-your-toes-into-the-water ideas.

Walk a dog


Whether it's your own dog or an elderly neighbor's, walking a pup outside gives you a perfect burst of fresh air when you need it the most. You can even text a friend to meet you for the walk so long as you're sure to maintain that six-foot distance that the experts advise. 

Dance it out


Grab your siblings, throw on some music and dance it out. Dancing to your favorite songs gets your heart pumping and can even lift your mood. You'll get time with your fam, fun memories and a workout all in one — triple score!

Light stretching


If you find it *impossible* to get motivated, there's still a workout for you. Instead of laying in bed or on the couch during your TV time, stand up and do some light stretches. They can be as easy or intense as you want, and are guaranteed to make you feel more energized and accomplished. 

How are you staying motivated this week? Let us know in the comments!

by Taylor Dove | 3/18/2020