Boost your workout with weightlifting

Weightlifting being a "guy thing" is old news, ladies. Today, lifting weights is a huge part of many girls' workout routines! Worried about how to get started? Here are some easy tips to help you start pumping iron and feeling good.

Why should I lift weights?


Have you ever worked out every day but failed to see results? Weightlifting can help because it engages specific muscle groups, helps you burn fat and helps you burn calories all day long. Where did those biceps come from? Hard work! Lifting weights can also help you sleep better, feel happier and can be done almost anywhere. So long to being stuck in the gym!

You can do it from your own home

Weightlifting is one of the easiest workouts to do at home. Only have 15 minutes before you have to run out the door? Pick up your weights and follow along with a 15-minute workout like the one above! Just make sure you start slow — we suggest starting with 3-to-5 pound weights, and scheduling a "rest day" twice a week. 

You can do it with friends


Working out is actually bearable when you have friends there to support you. If you're interested in starting a weightlifting routine, see if you can find a friend to do it with you! You'll keep each other accountable, push each other to do better and you can celebrate your success together, too. #friendshipgoals

Get inspo from celebrities!


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Celebs like Kenzie and Maddie Ziegler and Annie Leblanc post videos of their workouts on Instagram all the time, so look to them for inspiration! Try copying some of their workouts and see how you feel afterwards. Did you like it? Keep doing it! Decide it's not for you? Move on to something new! There's a workout for everyone, so keep trying until you find what you like.

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by Taylor Dove | 3/10/2020