6 GIFs that perfectly capture your workout routine rn

With the pandemic putting the gym on hold, your home has become the new space for your workout. You might not have the same equipment, or the same motivation, or the same routine—but you have a lot more time to get your sweat on. The at-home workout is something almost all of us have attempted during the lockdown, with varying levels of success. Here are the GIFs that capture each relatable *and* regrettable moment.

You start the week super motivated.


You're up early (AKA before 10 a.m.), you've done your meditation and you drink plenty of water. Maybe you even squeezed in some yoga before your cardio. At the beginning of the week, you feel ready to take on anything. Plus, you have time to pick out the most fab outfit to exercise in and snap a post-workout selfie.

You try (and fail) to be quiet.


Shoutout to all my gals who share a room. You can't control when your fam wakes up, but you want to work out early in the day. The solution? Become ninja-level quiet. This includes wearing socks instead of sneakers, putting the brakes on burpees, and using earbuds. Undoubtedly, no matter how many precautions you take, someone will ask you to keep it down.

Without a trainer, you have to... get creative.


You're so used to your trainer calling out the moves and demonstrating the poses. Videos just aren't the same. And without a treadmill or bike, you're forced to get creative with your workouts. Enter over-energetic Youtubers that have mastered multiple sports and call a forty-five minute HIIT combo 'a light sweat'—or you could follow along with the Kidz Bop Kids instead.

 Your pets *love* to distract you.


Just because you're doing your downward dog does not mean it's time to play. But your pets think otherwise. You have to step carefully to make sure a foot doesn't land on a furry friend. Little sibs are also great at disrupting the routine. They might exhaust you with questions, but if you can get them to join along they'll add a lot of energy.

It's way easier to procrastinate.


There's something about going to a specific building to workout that helps you focus on your goals. At home, it's a different story. Your summer homework sits undone on your desk, your bestie needs you to decipher her crush's latest Insta, and your parents have been asking you to do the dishes all day. Earbuds have become the only way to tune the world out and breathe.

You might just give up and go for a walk (or do nothing).


While it's not as intense or traditional as a workout, walking is a great way to get moving. You can bring the fam or go solo. It helps to get out of the house and clear your head. Plus, you can track your steps on your phone. But some days, even a walk feels like a drain. You curl up with your favorite blanket and do some binge-watching (it's basically a marathon, right?).


by Bailey Bujnosek | 7/8/2020