5 reasons to make dance workouts your cardio this year

Whether you're a professional ballerina or you stick to dancing in front of your bathroom mirror, most everyone has danced at some point in their life. Although dance is usually just viewed as a fun social activity, it can also be a huge benefit to your health. Interested in learning more? Keep reading for five reasons you should incorporate dance into your workout routine.

1. There are many physical health benefits

There are sooo many physical health benefits to dancing, most notably being that it is a great way to get exercise. Since it is a cardio workout, dancing is super good for your heart health, and is sure to keep your body happy and healthy. Bonus: your coordination and flexibility are sure to improve the longer you keep it up—score!

2. As well as mental health benefits

Dance is not only a fun way to exercise, but it is a beneficial way to de-stress, too. Dancing eases your mind and allows you to take a break from your everyday life. When you are able to let go and feel the music, you're totally relaxed, making dance an excellent form of self care.

3. Wide variety of options

There are *so* many ways you can use dance as a workout. One popular way to excercise while dancing is to participate in dance YouTube videos. There are tons of fitness youtubers who post fun, upbeat dance workouts that you can do whenever you want. Want a slightly less DIY option? Sign up for a dance class and get your cardio on with your besties. Even if you don't want to participate in a structured dance-themed workout, you can have solo dance parties to get exercise and relieve some tension.  No matter how you choose to add dance into your workout routine, you'll have a blast doing so.

4. No equipment needed

One reason we heart using dance as a workout? You don't need any equipment to help you break a sweat. This makes dancing a convenient workout method for those days that you don't *quite* make it to the gym. All you need is a little space and you are ready to get your groove on.

5. It's a blast

If you're going to dance for any reason, it should be to have fun. Yes, it is important to get some exercise—but the main reason you should dance is, well, to enjoy yourself. Dance makes such a great workout becuase it doesn't even feel like one. So next time you're *dreading* going to the gym, blast your favorite tunes and dance around your room instead—you'll enjoy it way more.

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Slider image: @zumba | All GIFs via Giphy


by Paige Mountain | 7/21/2021