Working Out in a Park

Are you a gym-hater? It’s sweaty, stuffy and not to mention expensive. I am the same exact way and that’s why I like to mix up my work-out routine. 

The other day my friend (who just so happens to be a fitness trainer) and I went to a nearby park to alleviate my gym-phobia.  

During the summer, the weather is gorgeous and it presents us with the perfect excuse to take our exercise outside. What is even more convenient is that there are plenty of accessible (not to mention free) objects in a park or playground that can be creatively used to give yourself a great workout. 

We did some tricep dips (description below) but there are tons of things you can do to turn a jungle gym into a personal gym.

A good warm-up would be to take a little jog around the park to get the heart-rate up. Don’t forget to stretch!

Here’s some other stuff you could do:

*Do chin-ups on the monkey bars
*Run up and down the stairs
*Bring a towel and do a bunch of jumping jacks, squats, lunges, high knees (jogging while bringing your knees up really high), butt kicks (jogging slowly while trying kick your own butt with your feet), walking lunges
*Tricep dips on a park bench (sit on the bench with your feet about 12-inches in front of you. Grasp onto the bench with your hands. Using your arms to support your body weight, lift your butt off the bench. Slowly bend your arms and lower your butt down—don’t let it touch the ground. Push yourself back up)

The best part about working out in a park? You can be as creative as you want! Always remember to be safe with whatever exercise you try and to have fun! Just like me, you'll start to forget you’re exercising while you enjoy nature's beauty!


by Brooke Exler | 2/1/2016