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Help--I'm Pregnant

Birth is so “ugh.” How is it possible to push a baby through your vagina? I just don't understand. Ouch! I am 18 and seven months pregnant. I need guidance from someone but am not
 going to a counselor.
First thing: Have you been seeing a doctor? You absolutely need to visit your doctor or visit a clinic ASAP if you have not done so yet. In order to have a safe, healthy delivery, it's essential to have the assistance of medical attention even if it seems scary.

As far as your delivery? Says OBGYN nurse practitioner, Elizabeth Bobby, who practices at About Women By Women in Wellesley, Mass., "You will be amazed at what your body can do in the process of giving birth. The vagina is a very elastic organ and can stretch to accommodate even very large babies (and, of course, return to normal size afterward)."  
But, most important, this must be done at the hospital. "Labor and delivery can be painful," says Bobby, so this isn't something you can just "wing." There are several very good options for pain relief that your doc can give you to make giving birth more comfortable. A nurse will be with you in the hospital and coach you through the process, answer questions and give you advice. It's normal to fear the unknown and to seek guidance.

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by Lindsey Silken | 2/1/2016