Your Bod

There's a rash on my chest!

I have this rash between my breasts and it's getting bigger. You can't see it, but you can feel the bumps. What the heck is happening?

Hey girl! This happens to a lot of people. You’re not alone. This is a common area to have probs because our bras rub there, plus when you exercise, sweat can form.

If it’s a sweat issue causing irritated skin, make sure to change out of your sweaty bra immediately after exercising. And clean up with a shower as soon as possible, so that dirt doesn’t clog up your pores.

If it’s dry skin caused by your bra rubbing there, just buy some great scented lotion and make it a routine to put it on after every shower. There are some yummy lotions from Bath & Body Works, like Coconut and Warm Vanilla Sugar. You can also try to find a more comfortable cotton bra without underwire to minimize irritation. If those things don’t help, talk to someone you trust about it!

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by Maddie Brown | 2/1/2016