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Is there a special "down there" doctor's exam?

My mom said that when you’re older you have to get some exam at the doctor "down there." Is that true? And if so what do they do?

It’s true that you will start getting exams down there when you go to the doctor in a few years. This might be at your regular physician, or you might go to a gynecologist. Either way, it’s nothin’ to sweat!

It’s important after you start having your period and become a woman, to make sure everything’s working properly down there and that you’re having normal periods. Someday you might give birth, and now is the time to keep your body in good shape, so that when you’re older, everything will be functioning down there.

The doc will probably ask you some questions about your period, check your weight and blood pressure, just like usual, and get a quick cotton swab sample, known as a pap smear from inside your vagina. It might seem a li’l uncomfortable the first time, but it won’t be painful.

This annual doctor’s visit is just another part of growing up and becoming a woman. So when it’s time, just embrace it. After all, if you start taking care of yourself now, you can look forward to a healthy life ahead.


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by Lindsey Silken | 2/1/2016