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I have itchy bumps everywhere

I have little red bumps all over my arms, legs, back, stomach and just about everywhere else. They’re super red and itchy. I've had them as long as I can remember.


When I was younger, my parents took me to doctors who just said it was dermatitis and to put on lotion. Lotion helps but doesn't make the bumps go away.

Itchy red bumps can be more than an embarrassment—this sort of skin problem can definitely interfere with life, as I’m sure you have already noted. If you’ve visited a dermatologist who didn’t diagnose you with a certain disease, you may have to do some research or see a new dermo.

No matter what the exact cause of your skin condition, the first thing you need to do is switch to a very gentle body cleanser, such as baby soap, to avoid further irritation. Don’t wash your face after you have just washed your body if you are using the same wash cloth. And try to avoid scented lotions and perfumes, and if you do use a lotion, go with a gentle, sensitive skin formula.

Some people have had positive results from using allergy medication, which suggests that they may have had an allergic reaction. Talk to your doc about using an over the counter allergy medication to help clear up your skin. Allergy creams or lotions may help as well.

If none of these solutions help, hopefully a different dermatologist can.

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by Shelby Conques | 2/1/2016