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Bust winter breakouts

There are lotsa sneaky reasons your skin is freakin’ in these icy temps. Learn how to get a clear complexion—fast.

The prob: Dry Skin
The solution: Wintertime means dry air outside, and even drier air inside coming through the heating vents.

What to do when you start feeling like a reptile? Opt for some light, non-greasy lotion after you wash your face. Neutrogena’s Light Night Cream is clutch for before bed.

And try using a gentle cleanser, like Cetaphil. Keep the water warm, not hot, and your skin will retain more moisture.

The prob: Chapped, irritated skin
The solution: When your face is getting more wind and cold than it likes, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Clinique’s Moisture Surge will give your skin the hydration it needs for 24 hours.

Or, try Keihl's Ultra Moisture Cream, which will help protect you from the elements (as long as one of the elements isn’t a giant snowball).

The prob: Pale, blotchy skin
The solution: Without the sun to add a little color to our skin, we have to create the illusion ourselves. A subtle lotion with a teensy bit of tanner will do the trick. We like Jergens.

Or, just brush on a bit of bronzing powder to even out you skin tone and add a little glow!

The prob: Clogged pores
The solution: When all of the ski masks, hats and zipped-up jackets start rubbing dirt and oil on your skin, it starts to freak out in the form of clogged pores.

The best thing to do is to apply a hot washcloth to the spot for a couple of minutes. Alternatively, a Zeno Hot Spot does just that in a more concentrated way.

The heat will bust up bacteria and nix those clogged pores for a clear complexion.

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by Lindsey Silken | 2/1/2016