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I have this big, red growth of skin behind my earlobe. I noticed it after I got my ears pierced. What is it?

Ear piercing can leave behind more than just a hole in your ear. Most likely, the pinkish-red nodular bump is a keloid. “Keloids are scars that don’t know when to stop growing,” says dermatologist Dr. Bernett Johnson. “Keloids develop on the skin after trauma results, like piercing ears.” Take out your studs and let your holes grow back. Keloids occur more often in African-American girls and can appear anywhere on your body, not just your lobes. The excess scar tissue can develop after an injury, burn, cut, bruise or even acne. They can be removed but are difficult to get rid of entirely. Check with a dermatologist.

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by GL | 2/1/2016
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