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Does anti-perspirant cause breast cancer?

Did you get that crazy e-mail suggesting anti-perspirants cause breast cancer by preventing the release of toxins in breasts through sweating? Don’t believe everything you read on the virtual highway! “This e-mail is not true. Using anti-perspirants does not cause breast cancer or any other cancer,” says pathologist Dr. Ted Gansler. According to Dr. Gansler, toxins in the breast are not released through the underarm. These bad cancer-causing substances leave your body through the digestive system or urine. Slap on some Secret, and you’ll be just fine. Next time you hear a rumor on the Internet or from a friend, check with your doctor before freaking out. Go to the American Cancer Society’s Web site,, to learn more about breast cancer risk factors and ways to detect breast cancer early.

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by GL | 2/1/2016
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