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I hate the way my boobs look

There are so many kinds of boobs: perkies, droopies, grandés, teenies and lopsies. Hmmm. But there isn’t really a category for perfectly round. Why? Because they don’t exist in nature! Like eyes, feet, hips and booties, boobs are different on every female, Dr. Nardone explains. Yours are unique—totally you. In order to have “perfectly round,” you’d have to have plastic surgery. And is that what you really want? Fake breasts are expensive—five grand and up. And when you hug them, they’re like hard, gel-filled balloons. Plus, the surgery hurts! (Chop, chop—yikes!) Another point: Not many good, reliable surgeons will even consider doing boob jobs on girls under 18. So give your boobs a break—they’re still getting used to this puberty thing. For more shape, try a flattering bra with molded cups, like those by Le Mystère. And don’t be such a boob to your boobs.

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by GL | 2/1/2016
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