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5 reasons you might be breaking out

I've been getting a lot of pimples around my hairline and on my forehead. I started washing closer to my hair when I scrub my face, but it doesn't seem to help. I also shower every other day, so I can't figure out what the problem is!
Boo, pimples! If we could pick 10 things we never had to deal with again—heck, even a top 5—they’d probably be one of them. Until we find a genie in a magic lamp, though, we’re banking on some skin tips that point out problems you might not even have considered.
Your pillow. If you don’t wash your pillowcase regularly, or you sleep on a fabric that doesn’t breathe very well, you’re basically sleeping in a pile of germs and body oils. Try tossing your case into the wash once a week, or swapping it out for a luxe silk or satin fabric that will let your skin breathe while you sleep. And if you sleep with your head buried in your pillow? Try to change up your position.
Your skincare routine. A basic cleanser and moisturizer probably keep breakouts to a minimum on the rest of your face, but it might be time to use a toner on your T-zone or even just along your hairline. A toner will remove oils in a jiffy. You can even put a little bit into a travel-size bottle and freshen up your face while you’re on the go.
Your haircut. If you’ve got bangs or a hairstyle that leaves your locks sweeping across your forehead, you’re helping the healthy oils your hair needs transfer to your skin. An easy fix is using oil-absorbing facial cloths, or a toner.
Your handy habits. Pay extra-close attention to what you do with your hands for one whole day. Do you touch your face a lot of smooth down your hair? Then you’re probably transferring whatever oils and germs are on your hands to the skin of your forehead. Keep those fingers away from your face, and wash your hands frequently.
Your look. Do you wear headbands or hats a lot? Sweat can collect in the bands of head toppers, so be careful to switch it up frequently and to toss exercise gear into the wash regularly.

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016