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Body language: 5 things your bod is trying to tell you


Our bodies are a big mystery. Sure, everyone knows what a growling tummy means, but what about the other stuff that isn’t so obvious? That's why understanding the causes and effects can help you determine what you’re bod is beggin’ for. From acne issues to bathroom issues, read below to find out what your bod is really trying to tell ya: 

Dilemma Down Under

Feeling not-so fresh down there? You’re probably consuming too much sugar. This stuff may be sweet, but it’s a leading cause of both yeast infection and urinary tract infection. Sugar acts as a feeding source for those icky germs, causing them to grow and stick around way longer then they’re welcome. Luckily for us, limiting sugar intake is easier than ever with just-as-tasty sugar-free options. One thing to keep in mind is that even good sugars can still be to blame (that means you fruit). Don’t cut fruits out completely, just lighten up when you’re feeling irritated down there.

Acne Overload

You know that face breakouts can mean a million and one things, but did you know that they can also mean that you need to wash your hair? Yup, that’s right. A dirty head of hair can cause pimples, redness, and irritation. The access oil and product build up in your hair can literally drip from your head to your face, transferring residue that can quickly clog pores. But, not to worry. This sitch can be fixed with a with a deep cleansing shampoo or a bacteria-fighting tea tree oil treatment.

Flimsy Fingers

It’s true. Nobody wants weak nails that bend when even the slightest pressure is applied. Nails aren’t meant to be fragile—they’re supposed to be tough and strong, kinda like bones. If your nails are lacking muscle then it’s likely that you aren’t drinking enough milk. Vitamin D, found in most dairy products, is necessary to strengthen nails and even promote growth. If you’re not too keen on milk, then opt for yummy yogurt or orange juice.

Migraine Madness

If you’re suffering from severe headaches, then it looks like you finally found a reason to ask your mom to dump the leftovers. Preserved food can cause tension up top because of a chemical called tyramine. This little guy is found naturally in foods; and because of counteracting antibiotics and daily allergy medicines, it is sometimes difficult for our bodies to break down tyramine. Because it never processes, this chemical stays put and causes pressure in our temples. Now, where does leftovers fit in? Tyramine found in foods can grow significantly over time, especially if food isn’t stored properly. Your body wants to bed fed fresh foods that are full of good chemicals. They will fuel you up, and keep you feeling great.

Stopped Up

Keep feelin’ like ya gotta go… but ya can’t. That’s constipation, and it could be a sign that you’re not noshing enough veggies. Our bodies need fiber to clean us out and push the digestion process along. Drop the chocolate bar, and pick up some greens or even fruit with a skin layer (like an apple). The peel is the part that works magic. The friction of the fruit or vegetable’s rough surface scrubs your insides as it’s passing through, making a clear path for waste to move out!

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by Laurise McMillian | 2/1/2016