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Eat THIS before your period


When you're dealing with menstrual cramps, sometimes heating pads and medicine just don't do the trick. But, what if there were certain foods that could help alleviate period-related pain? From beans to walnuts, here's what to eat so you can wave goodbye to those annoying cramps for good. 


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    This famous yellow fruit is not only loaded with tons of potassium, but it's also loaded with magnesium which helps with bloating and annoying cramps. Eat one on the go in the AM or cut some up into your cereal, its that easy. 

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    We tend to lose iron during our period, so its importat to restore your levels with iron-packed foods. And since beans are loaded with all the iron you need, you're gonna want to stock up monthly. Throw some in your rice for dinner or make some chili with beans to spice things up!

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    Since this fruit contains all sorts of vitamin C, eating it on the reg will help your body aborb iron more effciently (which will make those few days a tad bit more tolerable). Just cut the kiwi into small chunks and drizzle some honey on top for a sweeter taste.

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    These babies contain omega-3 fatty acids which is believed to cure those crummy cramps. Take them to the next level with this maple candied walnut recipe. Uh, YUM!

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    Lower your chances of having PMS symptoms by sippin' on some milk or nibbling on foods high in calcium like cheese and yogurt. If you don't like drinking milk by itself, opt for a yummy smoothie.

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by Bridget Mallory | 2/1/2016
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