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5 clever ways to avoid pit stains


Nothing can ruin the perfect outfit quite like lifting your arms and having two huge wet marks on the underarms of your shirt. Yep...we’re talking about pesky pit stains. You don’t even have to feel hot and sweaty to get them, they just kinda sneak up on ya when your body feels like slightest bit overheated—ugh, the worst. If you’re way too familiar with this prob and are ready to put an end to the totally embarrassing mishap, here are some pointers to help stop those gross sweat marks from ever happening again.

1. Know the difference

We tend to interchange the terms “deodorant” and “antiperspirant”, but they’re actually different products. While they can definitely be combined into one, deodorant works to prevent smell and antiperspirant works to reduce or eliminate sweating in general by plugging up your sweat glands. If it’s the stench you’re freaking out about, opt for a deodorant. If you notice that you sweat excessively, buy an antiperspirant. Or get the best of both worlds with a combination product.

2. Dry it out

This first step for stopping the stains is to make sure your skin is dry before putting on deodorant. But don’t wait too long, because once you start sweating, the deodorant won’t be as affective. Also, make sure ya let your deodorant dry before getting dressed. If not, most of it will transfer onto your shirt and will leave a darker, more permanent stain on your shirt once you start sweating—yuck.

3. Baby powder is your friend

Seriously, what can’t this stuff do? After you apply your antiperspirant and let it dry, rub some baby powder on top. This will help absorb the sweat and odor, plus prevent your clothes from staining. It’s basically a barrier for your pits and your blouse (and it totally works like a charm).


4. Switch up your brand

It sounds crazy, but your body can actually become immune to antiperspirant after a while, finding ways to unplug the glands or even produce more sweat in your body’s other glands. To avoid this sweaty frustration, it’s a good idea to switch your antiperspirant every 6 months to prevent resistance (same goes for deodorant).

5. Ditch this ingredient

If your problem is those yucky yellow stains that are left on your shirt even after you give it a good wash, you should probably choose a deodorant that doesn’t contain aluminum, and avoid antiperspirants altogether since aluminum compounds are the active ingredient that stops the sweating. It’s been said that the aluminum-based ingredients react with your skin, sweat, shirt, or laundry detergent to produce these nasty stains. Don’t stress, there’s tons of natural brands out there that supply these.

6. If you’re in a pinch and need a last minute fix…

Opt for a dress shield. These babies are a great alternative to antiperspirants. They’re underarm liners that stick right onto your clothes, eliminating armpit stains completely. They’re a great tool to have for school presentations and special events when your pits need some extra protection!

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by Brittany Goers | 2/1/2016