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12 things all girls on their period can relate to


Having your period is totally annoying, especially when you're feeling absolutely miserable. Whether you want to cry every second of the day or you just wanna pig out and be the ultimate couch potato, it's no fun. So to help lighten the mood and add a little laughter to that dreadful time of the month, here's all the funny-yet-ugh moments you can probably relate to: 

1. That moment you are in math class and realize Mother Nature has decided to stop by for a visit.


2. Or when your period comes a week early…


3. Your friends ask you how you’re feeling...and you have to be brutally honest. 


4. You cry over the silliest things (even that sappy love song you’ve probably heard a billon times). Ohhh hormones. 


5. The bloating is outta control—basically nothing fits right *sob*. 


6. But no matter how much you’re can’t resist ice cream. YUM! 


7. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G is annoying. When you’re’re mad. Stay away! 


8. You don’t realize how scary you actually look...until you see yourself in the mirror.


9. Everyone is having a fab day––and then there’s you.


10. Your friends think you are absolutely crazy, but you don’t think you're being THAT outrageous. 


11. It seriously just can’t get any worse—you’ve officially had enough.


12. When the week is over, though, you feel like a totally new woman. is good again! 


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by Courtney Pons | 2/1/2016