Your Bod

The 15 way-too-real stages of bra shopping

We've all been there.

1. There comes a time when you realize that all of your bras are seriously worn out.

2. That's when it hits you: You have to go bra shopping.

3. When you casually mention it to your mom, she offers to go with you and you’re like, “Please, no!!!”

4. Strolling into the underwear department, you're sure everyone is looking at you and that your crush will all of a sudden show up.

5. When you try to hustle and pick the bra you know fits you, it's naturally sold out in your size.

6. That means you’re going to have to try things on. *Sigh.*

7. You start to get into it a little—there are actually a lot of cute ones!

8. But they will probably show through all of your tees. Back to nude it is.

9. You feel really awkward handing your selections to the fitting room lady, who's always approximately a million years old.

10. You try one on that promises cleavage but literally feels like a torture device.

11. And the next one? Wayyyy too big.

12. Eh, this one's okay, you guess.

13. Slipping into your old bra is like climbing into your comfiest sweats. Why did you never appreciate it before?

14. When you go to pay, you realize you only found two decent ones. Ugh.

15. See you in a few months, dressing room lady.

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by Katy Herman | 4/6/2018